With all first treatments, this consultation will include a full foot health examination, a discussion of medical history, medication and treatment plan.

Routine Podiatry

This treatment can include cleansing, cutting and filing of nails, removal of corns and callus, smoothing of dry, cracked heels. The skin is then buffed and moisturised.

The toenail care can include thickened, fungal, discoloured and conservative management of ingrowing toenails.

Diabetic foot health checks and education can be given.

Price £ 35

Medical pedicure - providing health and beauty to your feet.

An intensive treatment combining the skills of a podiatrist and the luxury of a pedicure.

The feet are cleansed, the nails are trimmed, shaped and filed with sterilised instruments. Any hard skin is removed, your feet are thoroughly exfoliated, moisturised and massaged to soften and sooth your skin.

This is followed by a pedicure with your toenails polished with a colour of your choice from Dr’s Remedy range which are chemical free, vegan friendly, enriched nail polishes. Your feet are left revitalised, healthy and attractive

Price £45

Luxury Pedicure

The feet are exfoliated, moisturised and massaged. The nails are trimmed, shaped and filed. The nails are painted in your choice of colour from Dr’s Remedy range with base and top coat varnish.

Price £35

Paraffin wax therapy

A warm paraffin wax treatment to increase blood flow, relax muscle tension and aching joints, whilst moisturising the feet and softening dry skin.

A nourishing oil is massaged into the feet. They are then coated in the Prende ORB warm wax, by brush application and wrapped in bootee’s.

The sensory nature of the treatment, the warmth in the oil and paraffin wax application can promote a relaxing, luxurious and soothing treat to the feet.

Price £28

A luxury pedicure with paraffin wax treatment

A luxurious pedicure combined with the Prende orb paraffin wax therapy to sooth and relax the feet whilst making them beautiful. A perfect treat.

Price £50




Toenail reconstruction

An effective and cosmetic toenail treatment for unsightly or partially missing nails that have been damaged or lost through trauma and infection. You no longer need to feel embarrassed by the appearance of your feet.

The treatment includes the nail pre-preparation and reconstruction using LCN Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus; this is a UV gel specifically for toenails and it is extremely elastic which adapts to the movement of the toe.

This provides you with the confidence to have beautiful feet on those special occasions and holidays.

Price £25 for one nail and £5 for any subsequent nails.

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